Welcome to European Kitchen & Bath Outlet online! We are a full service authorized showroom dealer of all brands advertised here, with two locations in Southeast Florida. Proudly serving the community for 20 years, in 2012.

Scratch'N Dents
Online, we specialize in selling premium kitchen and bath sinks that have some defect (small scratches and dents). These small defects translate to SIGNIFICANT savings to you! Some items are HUNDREDS of dollars less than our competitors! We pride ourselves on one-on-one customer service and all sales are backed with our 30-day money back guarantee. Visit our locations or browse our Scratch'N Dent selection!

-The Team at EK&B

Did you Know?

  • Bathroom remodeling is the No. 2 most poplular type of remodeling job in the U.S (after Kitchen remodeling).

  • Homeowners who sell their homes within a year of remodeling a bathroom can expect to recoup over 85% of their investment.

  • Homeowners who sell within a year of adding a bathroom can expect to recoup 75% of their investment.

There are three major categories of kitchen/bathroom remodelers:
  • Remodeling/Home improvement contractors Typically handle all different types of work including plumbing, tile installation, electrical, painting etc. They have relationships with retail kitchen & bath specialists and architectural firms receiving referrals and performing work on their behalf.

  • Design build firms Serve as architects, general contractors and oversee the work that is performed by subcontractors (plumbers, electricians, painters etc). The often specify the fixtures, tile and hardware to be used. They often purchase these items at wholesale on behalf of their customers and charge a slightly higher price to compensate for their services

  • Wholesale/retail operations Provide the equipment, supplies and design services necessary to remodel. Some kitchen/bathroom specialists also offer installation or provide contractor and specialist referrals.