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Kitchen Sink Material Options

Kitchen Sink Material Options

The kitchen sink is an important component to bringing the rest of your kitchen together. Although we tend to focus on the utilitarian function of a sink, do not neglect this design opportunity. In order to make sure that your sink conforms to your tastes, a wide variety of styles can be found from various manufacturers. Here are just a few of the material options available to you:

Stainless Steel

This material is the most common type of kitchen sink used today. A classic design that fits a wide variety of home décor options. While it might be tempted to go for a mirror finish, a brushed or satin finish may work better for you. A mirrored finish would make scratches or water marks more noticeable and could detract from the appeal.

Noise is another concern with stainless steel, though there are models that come equipped with sound absorbing pads on the bottom, making it easier to absorb the noise commonly associated with these types of sinks.

Composite Granite

A newer trend in the home improvement industry, composite granite sinks are becoming ever more popular in homes on today’s market. Unlike stainless steel, composite granite sinks will not show stains or water marks that result from use. Furthermore, they come in a variety of neutral colors so they will not clash with whatever color scheme you’ve got going on at the time. If you opt for darker colors the sink can even act as camouflage for food or other debris that ends up in there. This way, if you should forget to clean the sink, the mess does not detract from the home’s overall appeal.


Although a pricier option, fireclay is great for its resistance to chips, stains, and other abrasions. It is also to clean with just an application of soap and water. The primary downside is a lack of color options – you’re pretty much limited to white if you go for fireclay. This may not be the best option for you depending on your home’s color scheme.

Natural Stone

Another expensive option for your kitchen sink is natural stone. This sink is best if you opted for natural stone countertops as it will usually blend with the kitchen design very nicely. Be forewarned that some varieties of natural stone are highly vulnerable to staining. It is highly recommended that you get a sample of the material before you make your final purchase decision and test to see how it will stain over time. If you are fine with the result, then go for it! Otherwise, consider other options.

These are just a few of the materials that your sink can be made out of. The options are many and varied, so you are sure to find a kitchen sink color and material that will fit your home perfectly!