Spahhhhh! – Your Tranquil Bathroom Makeover - European Kitchen & Bath
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Spahhhhh! – Your Tranquil Bathroom Makeover

Spahhhhh! – Your Tranquil Bathroom Makeover

Spa treatment and aromatherapy spas can add up to a small fortune in a years’ time. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to bring the spa right to your home and for less than the normal cost? Get ready to transform your bathroom into the ultimate rejuvenation room that will appeal to every member of the house. Read on to find out what you need to help you build a unique, luxurious, and affordable spa room. Whether you have a small or master bathroom, your peaceful retreat awaits.

Tub Appeal

Haven’t you’ve always wanted to soak in a Jacuzzi tub? You can find a local installation expert to install a full-service spa tub for little cost, yes, that means you can add a freestanding or corner tub with massage jets or whirlpool features. A surround gives a cozy feel and offers the benefit being able to enjoy your favorite beverage or meal as you soak. For those that prefer both tub and shower separately, you should invest in a separate water heater if you plan on bathing often.

Décor – Plant It

Bring the outdoors, inside with plants. Faux plants such as ferns, Spanish moss, and bamboo will offset the coolness of the bathroom and bring a sense of peace and calm. Disperse the plants via ceiling and floor corners for an out-door feel. Real or faux potted plants work wonders and bring an elegance to any spa bathroom.

Shower in Luxury

While you’re thinking about having the perfect small shower for your bathroom, consider a brand-new shower with spa-like features such as massage or mist spray, or a steam-producing unit. With all of that water everywhere, you want to make sure that you have water proof walls and the ceiling and door are completely enclosed.

Musical Therapy

Nowadays, when you upgrade your bathroom, you can install features such as speakers and small sound system in to your very own bathroom for that spa-like feature that everyone loves. Of course, this is where the installation pros come in handy. A strong suggestion would be to have it installed over your tub and shower unit.

Make it Rain

Your showerhead will make all of the difference when you want that spa-like treatment. Ask your local technician about the options they have available pertaining to ambient rain panel with light patterns for adjustable mood-enhancing appeal. Ask about adjustable dials that are attached to the shower unit. Essential, you want one that specifically offers spa-like features.


You can buy the off-the-shelf aromatherapy for little cost but you just might get what you pay for. Instead, hire a pro to get the job done right, and with the correct aromatherapy system that won’t make you go looking for your receipt should anything go wrong. This handy device attaches itself to the shower wall and omits a perfect blend of your relaxing essential oils into the warm mist.

The Pro’s Know Best

Don’t start the process on your own, get professionals to assist you and get the job done correctly. You May have an eye for color and design but the experts know the means of proper installation to give you the most out of you spa bathroom.