5 Practical Vanities for the whole Family - European Kitchen & Bath
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5 Practical Vanities for the whole Family

5 Practical Vanities for the whole Family

5 Practical Vanities for the whole Family

Have you thought about installing a vanity set in your bathroom but don’t think it would useful to the whole family? Maybe you’re torn between loving the look of a vanity and it taking up too much space.  A vanity can be a space-saver if used correctly and they save time when you’re looking for your favorite shade of lipstick or the children’s bath soap. They are an organizing system that can house many miscellaneous items such as hair clips, cuff links, shaving items, and much more. And they can be customized to your family’s needs as well! These 5 functional vanity ideas will bring a whole new meaning to the word while adding flare to your bathroom.

Mom, Dad, and Daughter


Families can benefit from many cabinets in their vanity. Whether you have two small vanities or one long vanity set, you will need drawers and cabinets to store your belongings. Take a look at your shower; you will probably spot quite a few items that don’t necessarily belong in the shower but you just have no other place to put them. Friends and family that stay for the holiday can feel relieved when they use the bathroom to get ready and store personal belongings without cluttering a room.


A vanity with a built-in step stool is a functional way to get the most use out of your vanity set. Small children can benefit from it without risking falls or trips while they’re trying to brush their teeth or wash their hands. A step stool, attached or free-standing, can easily slide under the vanity and out of the way.

Dual Sink

No more fighting over the sink to make it to school or work on time when you have two convenient sinks. Mom and dad, brother and sister can brush their teeth and put on make-up all at the same time. You can customize your vanity with a double sink and it can still be within in your budget. Two sinks are better than one because they are time saving. You can design two separate sinks and one long vanity to create the perfect space for everyone in your family.


A floating vanity has the ability to be anything because you can install a light fixture underneath, store baskets that holds toiletries and other miscellaneous items, and it’s an easy to clean. Plus a floating vanity keeps your bathroom looking fresh with a modern style.


A built-in hamper is a great way to keep dirty clothes out of the way and remind the kids to put them in the hamper and not their bedroom floor. Since it’s tucked away within the vanity itself, you never have to worry about odor or another basket cluttering the room. Again, even guests can feel comfortable disposing laundry into a built-in hamper without leaving their personal belongings exposed.

Counter Space

This is a pretty elementary tip but it can be easily overlooked. Oftentimes one can get caught up with the cabinetry and style without putting much thought into the counters themselves. Give your vanity enough space, not including the space necessary for the sink and mirrors. Additionally, towel hangers are an excellent space-saver rather than taking up space on the counter.