Selecting the right cabinets for your kitchen - European Kitchen & Bath
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Selecting the right cabinets for your kitchen

Selecting the right cabinets for your kitchen

Choosing the right cabinetry for your kitchen idea is quite the art; you have your personal style, color, hardware, and functionality that need to be just right to blend with the remainder of your home.  From shelving styles to door knobs and that perfect color finish, you can build a gorgeous and practical cabinet set in your kitchen without going over your budget.

Pick your European cabinet style.

Pick your European cabinet style.

Quality over Style

When choosing the right kitchen cabinets you must consider that they take up a great deal of space in your kitchen so they need to be practical and functional and long lasting. The construction of your cabinets should be able to withstand the normal wear and tear of kitchen use but also hold up if you were to sell the home. Higher quality construction will cost more, but the benefits will outweigh the negatives in the long run. You don’t need to go too fancy, but higher quality wood is a safe option when choosing the construction of your cabinets. Solid wood will have full extension drawers and dovetail joinery rather than stapled particle wood.


Customization means adding all of those details that appeal to you. Adding crown molding to your kitchen unit not only adds flare and elegance, but offers some instant wall or counter space as well.


Hardware customization can be a pretty daunting task, especially if you aren’t sure what style you’re aiming for. It’s highly important to install easy and practical door knobs or drawer pulls because the cabinets in your kitchen will probably be used quite often.


Every feature that you add to your cabinets need to have a purpose. Empty spaces and faux drawers can be appealing to eye, and is practical if you have extra space. Keep it simple and add only features that you feel would add practical use to your kitchen. Everyone has ‘The Junk Drawer’ somewhere in their kitchen and is beneficial for miscellaneous items.  Another functional feature to add to your kitchen is a separate cabinet space for electric kitchen appliances that just take up counter space. Pull-out trash cans are handy for keeping a spacious and clean kitchen as well. Are you going for a framed or frameless style cabinet? Framed cabinets usually have doors and drawers that are attached and frameless doors and drawers are attached directly to the cabinet box.

Colorful Styles

You can create the perfect setting in your kitchen with the right color combinations for your cabinets. Add a combination of three color schemes throughout your kitchen to offset angles and even offer the illusion of a larger kitchen. Choose from different palettes that will keep your kitchen looking fresh and clean.

Budget set

Before you get started, set a budget for yourself while adding the details that you want for your kitchen. You obviously have an idea of how you’d like your kitchen to look with your new cabinets so base your choice around that idea but stay within your budget. A reliable contractor can help you choose the right format for your price as well.