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6 Tips when choosing a faucet for your kitchen

6 Tips when choosing a faucet for your kitchen

While you’re considering the layout of your kitchen and bathroom design, don’t leave out the most important element of the room – The faucet. Think practically when choosing a faucet, however, you can still be as creative. The faucet structure not only provides a way to sanitize, it plays a big role in the way you cook, clean, and get ready for your day. Before you head to the hardware store for the generic faucet, these 6 tips will help you determine which design will fit your needs and your budget.


This may seem pretty elementary, but style is important and easily overlooked when choosing a faucet. You must evaluate the style of your kitchen before proceeding. What is the looks that you’re aiming toward? Your kitchen offers much more than a place to prepare meals. Would you prefer an antique or rustic-looking faucet over a sleek and modern one?


This common faucet can be installed directly on the sink and comes in various styles and functional options. They can generally be found in one to three-hole varieties for mounting. Should you decide to replace this faucet with a new version but would prefer to keep the sink basin, this is a perfect option. A mounted sink offers the luxury of keeping your sink basin while you choose from a plethora of stylish faucets whether you choose touch-free, single, or doubled handled.


Similar to sink basin mounting, this installation involves placing your faucet directly on your countertop instead of the basin. This provides a clutter-free work area with easy cleanup. Depending on what you involve yourself with in the kitchen, you may need to clean up this mount and faucet more than regularly because it can accumulate dirt and grime from excessive standing water.


Double-handled faucets offer the ability to adjust hot and cold water separately. Should one of the handles spring a leak, you can turn off that specific valve without turning off the entire system, plus, you are able to choose from plentiful designs and styles to fit your desired look.

Single handled

Single handled faucets are easy to install and to clean. Installation requires a single hole in the basin and come in many varieties. You are able to adjust the hot and cold temperature with a simple up and down or sideways motion, no fancy turning methods.

Wall mounted faucet

These are functional with a single basin sink and allow for plenty of counter space and easy clean-up. Pay attention to where the wall stud is placed so that your plumber can move it should there be structure or piping issues. They must get the spacing and location correct to prevent structural interference.


For the chef that loves to cook a large meal, this is the best option. The touch-free technology offers homeowners the ability to turn on the faucet without getting a grease or food on the rest of the sink. Most of the hands-free faucets come with a temperature adjustable handle on the side. Small children and those that have limited mobility or arthritis can benefit from this method of handwashing since there are no buttons to push or difficult handles to adjust.

Don’t invest in a store-bought system. If you are unware of which style will compliment your home, an over-the-counter faucet head can lead to serious leakage issues and cost you more to repair or replace in the long run. A quality faucet should work in unison with your kitchen and should be an asset to your daily activities. Ask the professionals at European Sink for estimates regarding the functional options that best fit your budget.