Missing Something? 6 Kitchen Essentials You Shouldn’t Be Without - European Kitchen & Bath
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Missing Something? 6 Kitchen Essentials You Shouldn’t Be Without

Missing Something? 6 Kitchen Essentials You Shouldn’t Be Without

So, you think you have all the bells and whistles that complete your kitchen? Your island is well equipped with the appropriate size of knives. Your drawer space houses those unique items for making fresh, homemade pastas and breads. Your sink is built to withstand the toughest meal prep and cleanup. But I bet you can add just one more component to make your prep work just a little easier. Here are the 6 items that you add value and functionality to your kitchen space.

Spice up your Life

In a world with so much colorful flavor and diverse taste, you can never have too many spices! Whether you hate a particular spice or you can’t get enough of it, chances are your guests will be glad that you’ve created an authentic meal using a unique spice and seasoning. A spice drawer is the perfect addition to any kitchen and can be placed within the island, in the cupboard, or have its own world.

Shine a light on that Subject

Good lighting is essential. Great lighting is key. Have you ever walked into a friends or neighbors kitchen and thought, “Where’s the rest of the light?” They may display top-notch designer cabinets and countertops suitable to serve royalty, but these gems are hidden beneath the layers of dim and drab lighting. A well-lit kitchen offers much more than just cooking preparation, they offer a specific purpose to even corner of your kitchen. You don’t have to ditch the tract lighting that you’ve always favored. Over the sink, a hanging chandelier, hood and pantry light, and especially over the island! You want to show off those features and bring life to your kitchen. Adding the correct lighting will showcase the brilliance that you’ve created.

Store for More

When you’ve designed your perfect plan of your ideal kitchen space, you’ll most likely have the essential placements for pots and pans, cups, dishes and bowls, and dry food goods. What about coffee, tea, and miscellaneous kitchen items? You may have a place for cooking utensils such as spatulas and salad tongs, but pot holders, pressure cookers, and coffee pots may be slightly difficult to store. Pot holders and kitchen linens deserve a world of their own such as a whole other cabinet. What about the food processor and juicer? It can be an eyesore to keep them lingering on your countertops. Why not put them in their place! Other cooking items need their space too. While you’re mapping a plan for your ideal kitchen, be sure to add these vital spaces. Add a cabinet or two for easy storage of these kitchen essentials!

The Will to Wine

You don’t have to be a wine drinker to have a wine or beverage cooler. This is a must-have for those that have an exquisite taste for fine wine! And those that don’t drink wine can use this perfect storage space for refreshments such a beer, sodas, and home brews!

Make it a Double

Just one sink isn’t enough. Your kitchen should be readily equipped with two sinks. Why? If you don’t have a dishwasher or it’s out of service, you can wash those dishes without a messy pile all over your counters. Food prep has never been so simple when you getting ready to cook a feast for your guests. Extra help in the kitchen isn’t a bother when you have an extra basin because of elbow room and quick clean up.

Your kitchen can be as functional and stylish as you like; just don’t leave out the important elements that may leave you wanting more later on. Before you dive into a kitchen remodel, contact the experts at European Sink. They can customize any aspect of your kitchen so you won’t miss a beat.