5 Types of Sink Units You Didn’t Know Existed - European Kitchen & Bath
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5 Types of Sink Units You Didn’t Know Existed

5 Types of Sink Units You Didn’t Know Existed

You may not feel that a sink is all that important when you’re out to dinner using the restroom, at work, or even at a dinner party. But you will be surprised just how much of a difference a type of sink can make – both negative and positive. You probably wouldn’t choose the type of sink that was in your high school bathroom, and why not? Mostly likely, it was an outdated, rusty sight that was barely used for washing. You don’t just want any sink for your kitchen or bathroom, you want the right one.  Check out these 5 sink types that give you all the versatility you need.

Under Mount

Pretty self-explanatory, this sink actually lays under the base. It has no rim and drops directly into the base. This classic and clean look offers minimal clean-up as you can sweep all food debris into the sink without extra mess. Under mount sinks make it a sanitary environment too, as food has no home in cracks and crevices of the sink lip. This type of sink can get a bit costly though because of the installation requirements.


This forward-facing sink replaces the front section of your kitchen counter and is often seen in country-style homes. This type of sink comes in single and double basin and requires quite a bit of installation. They can also be on the pricey side.

Top Mount

This commonly known sink type rests on the top of the sink and is easy to install. It can be installed in a timely manner and requires little to no hard work. Because of the placement of this particular sink, if not careful, mold or scum can accumulate under the lip.


This type of sink is pretty common in many homes as well. Even though you will most likely see a double basin sink in every new home, you can still find a home or two that requires just one basin sink. A single basin sink offers roomy washing of dishes and preparing food and offers no-fuss cleaning. You may be inclined to lean towards a double basin sink, but if you evaluate your purpose for getting the style you want, you may be surprised by your answer.

Make it a Double

Double basins are versatile in the kitchen. They offer flexibility when you’re cooking and cleaning. What’s more, you can customize the size of your double sink to fit your kitchen needs. Cleaning your pots and pans on one side can be done while thawing dinner on the other side. Just be sure to get the correct measurements for this type of sink. Inaccurate measurements of your soundings can lead to poor functionality within your kitchen, setting everything off kilter.

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