Trendy or Classic we've got it - European Kitchen & Bath
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Trendy or Classic we’ve got it

Trendy or Classic we’ve got it

There are people, who closely follow the popular taste, we can help, we have the latest most popular selections. Today we see trends in kitchens and bathrooms featuring the very popular gray and white themed kitchens that while contemporary, are not exactly ultra modern. Another one of the very popular trends is styled “Island Style” , “Beachy” or “Key West Style”. 

But there is another kind of clientele that follows their own inner voice and makes assessments by their own rules as they chart their course. These people make their choices while listening to a different drummer. They have never chased a trend, wouldn’t even know where to find one. The good news is that the staff and designers at European Kitchen and Bath, can help them all.

Whether your taste leans to the latest in high tech intelligent touch fixtures or something that looks like it might be found in a turn of the century backwoods cabin, we know all about it, we can get it for you! We handle the finest and the most popular European designer brands of kitchen & bathroom hardware and fixtures, from names like Riobel, TOTO, FRANKE, BLANCO, Brasstech, SANTEC and many more (click here for products.)

The sleek, the ultra moderne, the classic, or the rustic, we have them all. We have fixtures that look more like jewelry as well as fixtures that might belong in a loft in an arts district. If you want them for your home, we have them, and can help you make the selection that works best for you and your lifestyle. Whether you lean more toward a sleek modern FRANKE faucet or an antique style by Newport Brass, we have it, and you can probably have it today. Would you like an intelligent bathroom, with a smart technology and media equipped with an internet address? Or do you lean more toward something that looks like it has traveled in time from the roaring twenties, or something in between. We have it, or can get it for you easily and quickly.

One of the delights of European Kitchen & Bath is that beyond the range of products and vendors we have at the ready, a huge advantage, our staff. These talented people have such broad experience with the latest in Kitchen and Bath products, they are here to help, and listen. If you are among that rare special group of clients who wants to explore and discover what is available, our  people can help. If you aren’t sure exactly what you want, we can open a wonderful door of possibility that leads to the new kitchen or bath of your dreams. Oh, the possibilities at European Kitchen and Bath.