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Diverse Kinds of Bathtubs

Diverse Kinds of Bathtubs


A bathtub is an extremely popular treat in bathroom. Taking a warm bath in bathtub makes you feel relaxed and comfortable. People from all corners of the globe have made bathtubs a staple in the bathroom. Because of high demands, bathtubs are now on hand in many styles, designs and materials which include modern and traditional styles. Typical styles have antique and striking looks. Today traditional styles are on hand with modern touches.

Types of Bathtubs

There are many kinds of bathtubs on today such as:


As the name suggests, this type of bathtub comes with ball shaped or claw feet. It’s considered one of the oldest styles with an antique appearance. Basic styles include straight front and slanted back. Clawfoot is usually made of porcelain, cast iron material or acrylic. It’s a free standing type of bathtub and does not need major renovation.


It’s a kind of freestanding bathtub with oval shaped and no feet.  The base and the exterior surface of this tub are made of many different materials. Some don’t have holes for faucets while some comes with hand showers. These are available in cast iron, porcelain as well as acrylic. It’s important to check that the material used is rust resistant.


These tubs are made to overcome the issues associated with floor mounted type bathtubs. Drop-Ins are mounted on deck in separate frames. This can be expensive to set up. These are made of lightweight materials like plastic and fiberglass, some styles comes with faucets however styles without faucets are also accessible. This is usually setup at the corner and perfect for sitting as well as soaking feet.


This kind of tub provides a relaxing water massage with a controlled circulation of water. Whirlpool tubs are available in many different styles like free standing or drop in tubs. Setting up needs special framing, electrical circuits, water heaters as well as electronic control pumps with variable speeds. These are available in various colors, design, design as well as materials. 


Corner tubs are usually triangle have one finished and two unfinished corners. These are intended to save space. Corner tubs could be of any shape, however two sides are backed against the wall and do not have integrated showers. These are available  in porcelain, fiberglass or cast iron.

And this is just a small sample of the many kinds of tubs that are available. Contact us today to learn more and get help picking the perfect bathtub for your bathroom today.