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Pros & Cons of Stainless Steel Sinks

Pros & Cons of Stainless Steel Sinks

Sinks fall under the category of “essentials” for the kitchen, as the dishes cannot be done without a sink and if you work in the kitchen a lot then you know how much the kitchen sink is used on a daily basis – nothing can be done without it. Stainless steel sinks have been around for decades. They are durable, affordable, and easy to clean. Choosing a stainless steel sink for your home depends on the décor of the home – some people choose the granite composite sinks for their home. However, the stainless steel sinks are never out of fashion and are currently still trending. Here are some of the pros and cons of stainless steel sinks:

The Pros

  • Cheaper than Granite

Steel sinks are and will remain more affordable than the sinks that are made of granite or marble such as granite composite sinks. The cost of stainless steel sinks vary depending upon the thickness of the steel and its longevity. Stainless steel sinks are a great mid-priced option.

  • Durable

Retaining the shine and look of the sink is tough when you’re frequently using a composite granite sink, but you should consider the shine and overall appearance of stainless steel sinks get better day after day when you work in it and wash all your utensils. The surface of a stainless sink can bear the heaviest dishes without getting discolored. And when we say it’s stainless obviously it’s never going to rust. Its non-porous surface is easy to clean and to keep clean.

  • Versatile

Stainless steel sinks are always neutral for any type of countertop. They match every color and style of the kitchen regardless of whether the kitchen is modern or contemporary. These sinks are the most versatile of any sink option and most of the time it also goes well with the other kitchen utensils and appliances.

The Cons

Every coin has two sides, one is positive and the other is negative, similarly, stainless sinks might not be everyone’s favorite and here’s why –

  • Variety

Décor can be the point where stainless steel sinks might not be your preferred choice. If looking for a sink which compliments your high-end kitchen décor, then stainless sinks will not fit into that theme perfectly. Customers often choose granite composite sink for their high-end kitchen.

  • Bangs Every Time

If you expect that the stainless sinks will turn out to be the quietest feature of the kitchen then you’re wrong, each time you drop any dish or plate inside the sink it will be loud. This happens with almost every model of stainless steel sink, as they are made of steel and the material doesn’t absorb noise very well. This makes them a nosier sink.

  • Scratches

Stainless sinks are very durable, but again, they do tend to scratch – especially if using certain types of cleaning products. So they can turn out to be quite unattractive after a longer period of time.