4 Ways to Prep Your Kitchen for a Makeover | European Kitchen & Bath
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4 Ways to Prep Your Kitchen for a Makeover

4 Ways to Prep Your Kitchen for a Makeover

Your kitchen makeover can be one of the most rewarding, stressful projects that you will ever take on. Aside from buying your product and carefully mapping out the details of your floor plan, you may be forgetting some important preparatory measures for the weeks or months to come when construction is taking place. When you’re looking to invest in a kitchen remodel, being practical in your preparation will make all of the difference.


Disposable dishware

You’re not going to really have a place to wash dishes and silverware in your stainless steel sinks Stuart kitchen yet so make it easier on yourself. The likelihood of going back and forth to your bathroom is very slim. Cut out the hassle of cleaning and washing dishware and utensils by picking up paper disposable plates and silverware.

Preparing your pets

If your pets are used to having free reign of the house, they’re not going to like being cooped up in one room or a specific section. It’s best to consider your pets well-being and, if possible, find a kennel or reliable friends or relatives to take them in until the work is completed.

Create Alternative Kitchen Space

Since you’re not going to be using anything in your kitchen for a while, you’ll need another space to food prep. Move your current fridge to another room or set up an area with a mini fridge to put all of your essentials. Place a portable grill and microwave in the same room so you have some form of kitchen prep for throughout the duration of the remodel.

Set a budget for eating out

You will most likely not be cooking for the coming weeks or months, so calculate how much your family eats per week. Even if you have a separate place where you have food prep or keep a mini fridge or cooler with snacks, you will not be using your kitchen any time soon. It’s important that you plan what you’re going to do about meals. Consider how many times a day your family eats to calculate a reliable take out cost.

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