3 Affordable Bathroom Sink Designs | European Kitchen & Bath
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3 Affordable Bathroom Sink Designs

3 Affordable Bathroom Sink Designs

When it’s time for a bathroom upgrade, you don’t want to spend a fortune on fancy bells and whistles. You also don’t want to give in to poorly made products for the sake of saving money because it may cost you more in the long run. So can you get the functionality that an efficient bathroom needs while staying well within your budget? These 3 affordable bathroom sink designs appear to be budget friendly!

Things to Consider Before You Invest

It’s always a great idea to sit down and write a list of functional qualities that you need your bathroom to have in order to fit to quality of life in your home. For smaller bathrooms with a shower/tub combo, it may not be wise to get a traditional sinks with shelving. A corner sink would allow for full mobility in smaller bathrooms, especially if used for guest purposes. Is this a family bathroom? Do children and elderly frequently visit this particular bathroom? Consider these important elements when investing in an all European style bathroom sink in Stuart.

Going Out on a Limb

An affordable yet unique way to design your bathroom with an affordable sink is to incorporate a sturdy tree trunk. Hallowed out and with a single vessel sitting atop, this tree trunk design favors almost any bathroom style and fits comfortably in smaller bathrooms.

End on a Practical Note

You can affordably repurpose an end table to make into a functional, cozy sink space. And with the right tools and help, your European sink experts in Stuart can help you choose the best base for this design as there are many, inexpensive styles to choose from. Any sturdy end table will do; however, one with a built-in stand underneath will be space efficient and can act as a vanity for towels or toiletries.

Just Dropping In

Drop-in sinks are the easiest and most affordable designs that any European sink company in Stuart will tell you. They are available in a variety of colors and shapes, and can be fit to almost any base you decide on. With drop-in sinks, you don’t have to worry about sacrificing your ideal bathroom design or quality because these sink basins can reflect your good taste while remaining efficient and within your budget.

There’s a fine line where affordable and ‘poorly put together’ meet. You want your bathroom sink design to fall within your means but look like you’ve spent a fortune. Your affordable bathroom sink can be as modern or eclectic as you like without being costly. But you need the right tools, design team, and expert contractors to get the job done right. European Kitchen and Bath are your personal design experts in Vero Beach, Stuart, and the surrounding areas in Stuart County. Their showroom features exceptional pieces of fine, high quality sinks, faucets, and more designs to fit your needs. Stop by their showroom today or give them a call!