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Types of bathroom shower faucets for your home

Bathroom Shower Faucet in Stuart, Florida

Types of bathroom shower faucets for your home

There are more decisions you need to make about bathroom shower faucets than you might realize. While you could always go down to the local Home Depot and pick out the first one you see, that probably isn’t the best use of your money. When choosing which shower head you want to install in your bathroom, there are three main characteristics you should decide on:

  1. Shower head functionality
  2. Shower faucet design
  3. Temperature control


Shower head functionality

The first and probably most important decision you need to make about what type of bathroom shower faucet you want has to do with water pressure and flow. A weak flowing shower head just won’t cut it, but you don’t want to feel like you’re going through a power wash every time you take a shower either. There are a few types of shower heads you can choose from: multi-setting, single-setting or tower shower.

The multi-setting shower faucet allows you to change your shower settings instantly. You are able to fully customize the water pressure and stream size and can switch flow settings as you wish. While some multi-setting shower heads only have a few different settings, there are higher-end shower faucets with over a dozen options.

The single-setting shower faucet is among the most common in households due to the price. This is the most cost effective shower head, however there is no variability with the stream. Single-setting shower heads only operate at one flow speed and cannot be changed. If you decide to go with a single-setting faucet you might want to consider installing a hand-held shower head as an added accessory.

Lastly, the tower shower closely resembles a rain shower. These showers are more common in modern and luxurious home and hotel bathrooms. The shower head is connected to a tower that has body jets attached. These body jets shoot water out to create a Jacuzzi-shower experience. The shower head itself feels and operates like a rain shower.


Bathroom shower faucet design

The design of your shower faucet is more than what it looks like. You need to choose a faucet that will not distract from the overall aesthetic of your bathroom, and also one that functions well within your established shower design. When it comes to the design of your shower faucet thinking about the materials you want it made of, the color or finish as well as how the faucet is installed.

You can always install your shower faucet the standard way, but if you want to change it up a little you might consider thinking more creatively about you faucet placement. You could install a concealed shower head meaning the shower head is installed directly into the wall or ceiling. Additionally, you could opt for an exposed rain shower, a tub and shower faucet combination or just installing a system of body jets.

The materials and finish of shower heads can vary between a variety of metals and alloys. The metals can range from brass to nickel and, depending on the company, the finishes can be almost any color or design you want. Having a custom faucet really allows you to tailor your bathroom design to your personal vision.


Temperature control

You may have only been aware of the manual temperature control shower faucet, but there are some other options available. While the traditional manual mixer shower is perfectly fine you can also invest in an electric or thermostatic shower. The manual mixer incorporates both hot and cold water, allowing you to toggle with the valves until you find your desired temperature. A thermostatic mixer shower regulates the water temperature automatically. It also keeps the water at the temperature you set. There is also an electric shower, which does not require hot water at all! There are heaters built into the shower system that heats the cold water, so you can take a shower regardless if you have a water heater or not.

If you’re tired of taking a mediocre shower after a day at the beach, it’s probably time to call European Sink, located in Stuart, Florida, for your new bathroom shower faucet.