Bathroom Makeover: Tips and Tricks - European Kitchen & Bath
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Bathroom Makeover: Tips and Tricks

european style bathroom vero beach

Bathroom Makeover: Tips and Tricks

The bathroom is a necessary room in your home, but it is commonly overlooked. Usually homeowners either procrastinate or ignore the design needs of a bathroom and focus their renovation ideas on other areas of the home. What many homeowners do not realize is the monetary and aesthetic value a bathroom remodel can bring to their home, especially if they’re going for a European style bathroom remodel. These tips and tricks can not only help you elevate the design of your bathroom, but also help you take an important step towards creating an energy efficient home.


What are my bathroom makeover first steps?


Establish a budget and timeframe

The very first thing you should do when deciding whether or not you want to undergo a bathroom makeover is establishing a timeline and budget for what you want done. Your budget and timeline is something you can decide on your own or you can enlist the help of your local bathroom remodeling company.


Decide on design quality

Many homeowners only want to change a few things about their current bathroom design while others might want to rip everything out and start completely from scratch. Before you choose a company to hire, you will want to decide what your bathroom remodeling goals are. Do you just want to update your mirrors and faucet design or do you want to do a complete 180 and install a European style bathroom? The choice is yours and yours to make alone.


Do your research

Before hiring a bathroom renovation company, you will want to do your research. Not all companies provide the same quality of materials, customer service or installation, so it’s important to read reviews and enlist the opinions of people you trust. The best way to find a reputable company is to ask your family and friends, while simultaneously collecting quotes for multiple local companies. If you can, try to hire a local business to help stimulate and promote your community’s economic health.


What are some tips to get the most out of my bathroom makeover?


Make some space

A bathroom remodel gives homeowners the chance to redesign and optimize the square footage available. One thing to look for when remodeling or entirely redoing your home’s bathroom is the opportunity to install extra storage. The use of cabinets and vanity mirrors with storage options can help you capitalize on limited space.

Upgrade to modern appliances

Advances in technology have made energy efficient sinks, toilets and showers more affordable and is an easy way to add an element of luxury to your bathroom.

Spend money on a few high-end materials

You do not need to spend your entire renovation budget on the latest gizmos and gadgets for your bathroom. Invest in a high-quality shower or heated floors, and save money on other less important features. For example, if you have a classic European style bathroom in your Vero Beach home, consider leaving the vintage finishing and spend the money you save on a top of the line bathtub instead!

Tiles and mirrors

Make the most of your bathroom space by using a few design tricks to make your bathroom seem bigger than it is. Installing a full wall mirror above your bathroom sink gives the illusion that your bathroom space is actually larger than it is. Equally, selecting a tile or large printed design to decorate your bathroom with will also ensure this effect. If you choose a design aesthetic that makes your bathroom appear larger and more modern, your home’s value will increase.

Having a clear goal and budget in mind when renovating your bathroom is key. If you are having trouble planning and strategizing your bathroom remodel, you might consider scheduling a consultation with your local bathroom renovation company near you.