How To Transform Your Bathroom into a European Style Haven - European Kitchen & Bath
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How To Transform Your Bathroom into a European Style Haven

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How To Transform Your Bathroom into a European Style Haven

European style typically incorporates a bit of the old with a bit of the new. This is generally a more eclectic style but can be very effective in small places such as a bathroom. The main design element of European style is to pick a focal point of the room. This means choose one piece of art or furniture to be the focal point of the room and then build around it. The only thing you need to do now is decide on simple upgrade renovations for your new element and a focal piece for your old element.


Antique mirror

A really easy way to turn your bathroom into a European style haven is to install a European style bathroom vanity for your Vero Beach home. Putting in a European style vanity mirror is a simple renovation that doesn’t require much construction. Also adding in a large vanity mirror into your bathroom will make the room appear larger and is a great use of space.


Mix rustic and modern

A classic European design style mixes rustic furniture with clean modern appliances. You can easily save money on your bathroom transformation by opting for rustic furniture, such as cabinets, bath mats, and storage containers, and reallocate those funds to updating your bathroom accessories. For example, instead of going for an expensive granite bathroom countertop, opt for a rustic wood one instead. Then you can use the money you save by installing a high-tech shower head and water saving sink faucet.


Classic brass and gold detailing

If you like the modern look of a bathroom but still want to incorporate some traditional design elements, think about looking at the details. Choosing to go with classic materials and colors, such as brass and gold, for your bathroom finishes and color scheme is a great way to add a classic twist to a modern design.


Get a tub

In recent years there has been a major shift towards bathrooms with a minimalist tub along with a shower. If you have the space for a tub, consider installing one. You can also turn your shower into a tub-shower combination. Going with a tub that has an industrial aesthetic is very much in line with European style. Make sure the tub detailing matches the color scheme of your bathroom otherwise it could feel eclectic in a negative way.


Add a pop of color

Adding in accent colors to your bathroom is a great way to keep it from feeling drab and dry. This could be anything from your hand towels to the artwork you hang on the walls. The bathroom is a constantly overlooked room in the house but deserves the detailed attention the rest of your home does. If you have tile on your bathroom walls, consider replacing a few random tiles with colored ones to brighten up the room. You could also opt to get a brightly colored toilet or tub to add a little whimsy to your bathroom.


If you are ready to get started on your European style bathroom, call European Sink today.