How to Completely Transform Your Kitchen With a Fireclay Sink - European Kitchen & Bath
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How to Completely Transform Your Kitchen With a Fireclay Sink

How to Completely Transform Your Kitchen With a Fireclay Sink

The farmhouse sink is one of the more recent trends to take over the modern kitchen. Their ample size, simple design and long-lasting durability, making them an easy choice for any new kitchen construction or remodeling project. If you’re in the market for a classic fireclay sink in Stuart, Florida. Here are a few pointers for using them to completely transform your kitchen.

Choose your exact dimensions 

Fireclay sinks come in a range of sizes and it’s best to find a sink you like first. With kitchen construction and remodeling projects, it’s easier to build around these large sinks than it is to find a sink to fit already installed cabinetry. These sinks demand a large footprint in your countertop and are much deeper than your typical sink. Extra support is also needed when installing it so enlisting the help of a professional installer of classic fireclay sinks in Stuart, Fla. is probably your best bet.    

Select from a large color palette

You’ll quickly realize that the biggest limitation to which farmhouse sink you choose for your space will be your budget as this type of sink can get quite expensive. They come in a host of colors and even stainless steel. And since a large apron of the sink is left exposed on the front side, the color you choose really does matter. 

Pick the right cabinets

It’s wise to discuss your desire to incorporate a farmhouse sink with your general contractor or cabinet installer. Your cabinetry will have to be designed and installed to accommodate the large sink. You will also lose some space underneath your sink, and need cabinetry to fit this smaller space because of how deep this type of sink is and the support required because of its weight empty and full. 

Consider the impact on countertops

Unlike more traditional sinks that sit within your countertop, fireclay sinks sit against them and typically just underneath a small lip. Your countertops will have to cut a certain way and carefully installed to properly accommodate the sink. It’s also important that the countertop fits snugly on all sides so that water doesn’t end up where it shouldn’t be causing water damage and even mold growth.  

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