5 Characteristics of the Perfect European Style Bathroom | European Kitchen & Bath
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5 Characteristics of the Perfect European Style Bathroom

5 Characteristics of the Perfect European Style Bathroom

Bathrooms are an important functional space in your home and many homes have multiple bathrooms to suit the needs of those that live there. They are also space where you can have a little fun and be a bit creative with the design. If you’re looking to implement a European style bathroom in your Vero Beach home, here are a few, must-have characteristics for the desired space. 

Do a lot with a small space 

When traveling across Europe one thing will become crystal clear – bathrooms tend to be pretty small. Therefore, you can definitely achieve a European style bathroom in your Vero Beach home with just a tiny space. European bathrooms tend to pack a lot in these small places which is a unique characteristic of this design style.  

Add a bidet

Also, while you’re traveling across Europe, you’ll find that another common theme among bathrooms there are bidets. If you’ve never seen one before, you might be puzzled by the appearance of two similar items situated right next to each other in the bathroom. Americans have never really embraced the bidet which was invented by the French in the 1600s but it is a traditional feature of a European bathroom all over the world.  

Consider the perfect sink

Most European bathrooms feature fairly small sinks. These spaces tend to include pedestal-type sinks that don’t offer much in the way of storage. To achieve a true European bathroom design, consider adding a sink with sleek lines and a small footprint.  

Natural palettes and materials

Throughout Europe, you’ll find a good number of bathrooms that feature bold colors and designs. Most, however, will be much more subtle and will utilize a natural palette and as many natural materials as possible. An experienced bathroom design and renovation company can help you to sort through the many options for colors and materials that could be used in your space.

Utilize glass

Glass is often used in small spaces to give the perception that the space is much larger. This can be in the way of mirrors or even using windows and glass blocks to open up a small space. Consider using glass in your European bathroom to give it an authentic look and feel, and to make the space feel much more open.

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