How to Keep a Coastal Feel in Your Renovated Kitchen | European Kitchen & Bath
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How to Keep a Coastal Feel in Your Renovated Kitchen

How to Keep a Coastal Feel in Your Renovated Kitchen

A kitchen renovation is a big undertaking – both in terms of effort and expense. The average homeowner will spend more than $30,000 revamping their kitchen, and real estate experts suggest that it is money well spent with a decent return on your investment in most scenarios. If you’re staring down a remodel project, there will be plenty of decisions to make, all the way down to choosing between dozens of kitchen sink faucets in Stuart. If you’re aiming for a coastal feel in your kitchen, here are a few tips to keep that design aesthetic in your space. 

Choose sink and faucet wisely 

Kitchen professionals believe that this room is the heart of your home and that the kitchen sink is the heart of the room. Therefore, it’s necessary to choose a kitchen sink faucet in Stuart wisely especially if you’re keeping within a certain design aesthetic in the space. Stick with clean lines and light colors for your faucet finish, and stay away from dark bronzes or black-toned metals for space.

Keep an eye on the color 

The key component for coastal kitchens is color. These designed spaces tend toward neutrals, blues and greens, as you might expect. For a big, inexpensive impact, don’t shy away from color on the walls, countertops, and you might even consider going bold with the backsplash.  

Add organic decor

Organic decor is a big part of a coastal kitchen aesthetic. Consider bringing in the outdoors as much as possible with wood furniture, seashells, petrified wood, ropes and netting, and plenty of greenery. This type of decor will go a long way in setting the tone and the feel of the room.  

Utilize light woods

As mentioned before, light colors rule the roost in a coastal kitchen. That extends from the walls to the wood. Choose furniture for the space that also feels light and airy like a blond-tone dining table and chairs, or bar stools. Even light wood toned accessories like cutting boards, rolling pics, and counter storage can add a refreshing brightness to the space.   

Consider colorful tile

Tile on your backsplash or countertops is an opportunity to go bold in a coastal kitchen. Consider a fun, nautical-themed pattern on the back wall behind your counters. You might even feel brave enough to create a kitchen island in the space topped with porcelain tile in a bold turquoise blue. A little bit of color will go a long way in your kitchen space, and used properly, will set the tone for the whole room. 

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