How updating your bathroom faucet can bring new life into the space | European Kitchen & Bath
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How updating your bathroom faucet can bring new life into the space

How updating your bathroom faucet can bring new life into the space

Bathrooms and kitchens make or break a house, experts say. And if you have a bathroom renovation on your horizon – hear this. The right bathroom shower faucet and fixtures in your Stuart home can go a long way to breathe new life into the space and finally deliver the bathroom of your dreams. 

They don’t make faucets like they used to 

Gone are the days of standard bathroom shower faucets and trim that were more functional than fashionable. These days, the sky’s the limit when it comes to how different the products on the market are. If you’re facing a bathroom renovation, you should partner with a professional designer to understand the wide breadth of choices you have and what will look best in the space you’re working with.  

Consider hardware carefully

You don’t only want your bathroom hardware to be beautiful. You need it to be functional too. A seasoned professional can help you choose hardware that works both for the beauty of your space and simplifying your life.  

Choose a theme and scheme

Even in the relatively small spaces that bathroom’s usually present, it’s possible to choose a design theme or scheme to make the most of the room. Your bathroom hardware can continue this theme in subtle ways. Just a few popular bathroom design schemes include all white, white and black, bohemian, sea-inspired, vintage, modern and more.  

Call in the pros for a professional finish

A bathroom renovation is a big job. If you want to ensure it’s done right, with the best possible outcome, you should call in the pros to handle the job. Since the return on investment for bathroom remodels is more than 50 percent, there is definitely room in the budget to bring in the experts.