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Bathroom Sink and Tub Choices in Stuart, FL

European Kitchen and Bath can help you find the perfect bathroom, bathtub, shower, sink, tub, or toilets. We work with homeowners in the Stuart area to design bathrooms that make sense and look beautiful.

Most homes have only one kitchen, but the average home has two or more baths. When you think about it, these rooms are the great private sanctuaries of your home. Your bathroom is a space where you and your family start and end the day. That’s why we give these special rooms so much attention. Like your kitchen, form and function need to exist in harmony throughout every bathroom. Your comfort and style are reflected in your choices. Whether you prefer subtle elegance or casual surroundings, European Kitchen and Bath can help you realize the sincerest expression of yourself.

Bathroom sinks, vanities, and faucets

Learn more about the bathroom sinks, vanities, and faucets we carry!

Bathroom sinks

Every day your bathroom sink is attacked by a combination of gels, soaps, toothpaste, creams, and more. From small bathroom sinks to large trough sinks, the products we carry are tough enough to withstand daily assault, yet stylish enough to be a confident reflection of your good taste. Today’s bathroom sinks come in a variety of colors and materials. Some are great for powder rooms, or guest baths, but would not be suited for your master bathroom. The bathroom sink is the center point of your daily personal routine. We make sure that when your project is complete you will have a smile on your face. Rest assured that all your bathroom fixtures will flow comfortably with your lifestyle.

Bathroom vanities

The vanity is the focal point of your bathroom, so it’s critical that the style and function fit your needs and satisfy your desires. We work with several quality vanity manufactures and you can see their displays throughout our showroom. From tiny 18-inch sink top vanities, to impressive 72-inch double sink setups, we’ve got what you need. Each vanity has a choice of top style and materials, or you can have a custom surface fabricated to match your surroundings. Whatever your taste, whatever your desire, we’re here to help.

Bathroom faucets

Put the finishing touch on your bathroom with the perfect faucet. European Kitchen and Bath features top brands from around the world in every finish imaginable. Traditional 8-inch widespread faucets, transitional, or contemporary single hole models, are all here to compliment your design and style. We also offer a wide selection of WaterSense labeled faucets that will help save the environment while saving you money.

Toilets, showerheads, and tubs

We also stock amazing tubs, toilets, and showerheads at European Kitchen and Bath.


When we hear toilet, we think Toto. When you think toilet, you should too! Toto is the largest global manufacturer of decorative plumbing and with good reason. Toto has set the standard for quality in toilets throughout the world. With dozens of choices, there is a Toto Toilet to meet your needs. From a simple space saver model, to a super sleek, wall-hung unit with matching bidet, Toto has it all.
The Toto Washlet seats have become very popular. It’s like having a bidet built in to your toilet. Stop in at one of our two locations and check them out. We have a functioning Toto Washlet at each location.


Your shower is your private space. You want it to be warm, inviting, beautiful, and functional. Imagine soft rain falling from your ceiling from a mounted rain head. Or try out a hand shower for massaging aching muscles. We also carry body sprays to caress you and melt your stress away. The luxurious spa showers available today are as diverse and exciting as the people who buy them. Here at European Kitchen and Bath, we have hundreds of possible combinations that will help create a personal sanctuary that is just right for you. Come and see all of the choices you have.


There are a many aspects to consider when it comes to choosing the right tub. Perhaps you have your heart set on a soaker tub or one that is jetted. You have many choices and we can help you navigate all the decisions necessary to make sure you get what you need. We represent several quality tub manufactures and can help you find the right tub at the right price. Stop in at one of our showrooms and explore the possibilities.

Check out our amazing bathroom tubs and faucets!
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