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The Kitchen is the primary focal point of any house. It is no longer just a place to prepare food and wash dishes. It is the central nervous system to your family. A busy place. A friendly functional place where conversation flows easy, and laughter comes quickly. Food and drink, Entertainment, and the most important decisions of any household are always made around the kitchen.


Make your Kitchen a reflection of who you are, and what you value. A comfortable place that is not just in your home, but is truly the heart of your home.


More than any other kitchen fixture, your sink is the heart and soul of the kitchen environment.


It’s perhaps the most used object in your kitchen. The sink has the effect of setting the tone for all the space around it. That is why it is so important to invest in the sink that combines the best of FORM and FUNCTION.


Here at European Kitchen and Bath, we have assembled some of the world’s foremost manufacturers of kitchen sinks including FRANKE, BLANCO, UKINOX, and La NOVA. High quality stainless steel sinks, classic fireclay sinks, and the very popular and the beautiful granite sinks.


Let our staff guide you through the decision making process, offering the pros and cons of each, and help you set the tone of your kitchen. A tone that reflects who you are, a functionality that eases work flow, and a look that satisfies every time you see it.



What started with a wooden bucket, and a mile long walk to the river, has now been perfected to a blend of style and convenience. We take our Kitchen faucets for granted. If they work properly, we ignore them, but in fact we owe them a great deal. They brought our household out of the dark ages. Today’s dazzling selection of kitchen faucets can be confusing. An endless selection of Style, functions, and exciting finishes can make selecting a Kitchen faucet difficult.


But it all comes down to product knowledge, and remembering the basics. Form, Function and Features. Let us help you. Let us guide you through the choices and select a new kitchen faucet that will serve you so perfectly, you will ignore it.



The proper kitchen accessories take the work out of workflow.
Soap dispensers, air switches, grids and strainers all work in concert to simplify your workflow.


Cutting boards, pot fillers, water filtration systems, can transform kitchen chores into kitchen bliss. Brush holders, drying racks, and instant-hot water, all take you out of the kitchen, and back to your family. In today’s kitchen the proper accessories are no longer add-ons, but essentials.


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